Become an authentic and skilled Cacao Facilitator in 4 months!


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De Cacao Academy was voor mij de eerste keer om een cacao ceremonie mee te maken. Jennifer Ann, die het organiseerde ervaarde ik als een hele lieve, fijne, mooie en pure vrouw die het werk met hart en ziel doet wat bij mij erg voelbaar was. Deze dag heb ik als heel erg fijn ervaren en raadt het iedereen aan die er open voor staat. Alleen maar liefde en verbondenheid. Dankbaar dat Jennifer Ann dit organiseert.

Kim Kempen (NL)


Observe yourself and acknowledge where you are right now by going inside. We'll use Meditation, Breathwork, Science and other Ancient Techniques to help you remember who you are. From that place we will move forward.


Activate your intuition and inner guidance. Using the Ancient Tools to get yourself into movement through feeling.
We have to learn how to FEEL again, if we want to guide ourselves and/or others.


Step into the best version of yourself through discipline and practice of the Ancient Teachings, integrating them into your modern day life. And Re-connecting to your Soul Purpose.
To walk your talk is what will make you a GREAT facilitator.



Become an authentic and skilled cacao facilitator in 4 months.

Deepen and expand your knowledge on cacao & how to facilitate the best ceremonies!

Integrate ancient wisdom into your modern day lifestyle. Learn who you are and what talents you possess and more importantly, how to use them in serving others.

This is not a time to hold back, this is a time to Thrive!

Find the courage, move through your blockages and overcome your fears! This is a big chance for TRANSFORMATION, turning your burdens into assets.

During this training you will:

Become an authentic and skilled cacao facilitator!

You'll Learn:

- Facilitator and healing skills

- On & Offline Facilitation tools

- How to work with ancient ceremonies techniques

- Create your personal altar

- About the (health) benefits of cacao

- How to make the best cacao in town!

- Business skill how to bring your skills to the market.

You'll Receive:

- 16 Online  live sessions ( + the recordings to follow your own rhythm)

- 4 Physical live sessions, where we hold ceremony

- Recorded video’s & workbook for self study

- 2 private 1-on-1 sessions ( 30 min each)

- Weekly Mastermind with peers.

You will also:

- Create a personal connection and practice with cacao

- Cleanse your mind-body-spirit.

- Grow physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally

- Become more clear, inspired and focused

- Overcome limited believes

- Release trauma and stuck energy

- Learn about myths, facts & science behind the cacao

Pieces of Chocolate



Personal development:
- Deepen daily and personal practice
- Learn how to guide yourself and others ( Facilitator skills)
- Heal emotional trauma and/or blockages

-  Cleanse body-spirit-mind

- Overcome fears
- Grow spiritually

- Meet like-minded and soul-connected people

- Grow your (professional) network


- Know what you want

- More focus

- More clarity

- New experiences 

- New perspectives

- More creativity flow

- Re-mineralize the body

- Possibility to overcome (coffee) addiction

- Heal body ailments in a gentle way

- Cleansing through diet & fasting


- Finding your soul connection to the universe & earth

- Understanding how to converse with the spiritual realms

- Creating ( reconnecting) you a spiritual  discipline and practice

- Finding your soul tribe

How does cacao heal physical?

*Cacao is one of the most nutritional dense foods in the world! And the highest source of magnesium and vitamin C in nature, full of antioxidants, calcium, zinc, copper and selenium. Cacao contains more antioxidants per gram than blueberries, goji berries, prunes and pomegranates. ( this is just small portion of the healing benefits of cacao)



A Cacao Ceremony is an ancient ritual with it roots in Mesoamerica. The cacao bean was highly valued with the Aztec and Mayan Cultures and through times the cacao bean has taken many different forms and shapes. Yet the main message was and still is for ceremonial use: Food of the Gods.
When Theobroma ( the scientific name, coming from Theobromine, an active molecule in the cacao bean) is translated from the Greek languages it means: Food of the Gods.

Suggesting that the chemical compounds of the cacao bean, can bring a person in a different state of mind, feeling and being. (Without being a psychedelic!) The bean does have neurocognitive effects, enhancing your mood, stabilizing hormones, allowing more focus and creativity to flow naturally.

Spiritually it is said that cacao opens the heart. Meaning that the energy of the heart chakra can flow more freely, as well as emotions. Stuck emotions can foster small and/or big trauma’s, which the cacao can gently touch, allowing energy to start moving again.

When we use the cacao ceremonial, the cacao is brewed into a liquid drink ( with or without herbs and sweeteners) In general there is a facilitator and a group of people coming together to focus their intentions, to receive clarity, go into meditation and allow inner & outer healing experiences to happen.

The facilitator sets a safe and sacred space for people to relax in and be open to receive healing. Ideally the group sits in circle, going into prayer, creating music, singing songs (chants) and using dance and/or movement, to raise their vibration and allow healing to happen.
This type of setting, can move stagnant energy, shift perspective and allow new experiences and insights to happen. Leaving participants with an uplifted spirit and release of many tensions in the body, mind and spirit. The freed up space that is created, can now be used for different purposes.

Cacao can also be used during one-on-one (healing/therapeutic) sessions. Making the ceremony very intimate and personal, this can be just as powerful or even more powerful than bigger groups.

* Jennifer Ann has facilitated cacao ceremonies world wide at festivals, retreats, yoga studio's, museums and businesses. Just a few places: Bali Spirit Fest (Bali) Being Gathering ( PT) Volkenkunde museum (NL) Hoorneboeg (NL) Living Village Festival ( NL) Tijdloos ( NL) Wicked ( NL)