Is an Award Winning, Medicinal Singer-Song Writer and Ceremonial Facilitator with a mission to anchor connection into community.

Jennifer Ann has traveled worldwide sharing her musical gift, together with ceremony, retreats and other healing work. She has toured throughout Europe, Asia, USA and South/Middle America, sharing at festivals, retreats, ceremonies and workshops. Her mission is to help people return to the core center of their being, with calmness, strength and connection to life. She uses her music to connect communities, teach and share about ancient ways and inspire people to sustain a healthy lifestyle. She believes we are made to thrive! And we do this best together.
At the moment Jennifer Ann just release her new album: We Are The Ancestors. (2022) In these songs she is calling upon all children of the earth to reconnect to the source they have come from. She believes we all have a mission and now is the time to live it out.

**Listen to the music here**
Jennifer Ann is currently also growing into her entrepreneurship, finding ways to serve the community best. In 2021 she will also transition a big part of her work online and also provide a training to deepen your connection to the cacao as well as become a facilitator.

Next to her growing business, she is on a mission to reawaken the ancient wisdom of the women. She is currently building a new team and offerings to support women worldwide, to remember who we truly are and to re-integrate the ancient wisdom into our daily lives.

Stay tuned for more unfolding with her project: Ancient Women Gatherings. 
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