Levels 1-2-3


5 weeks Online
Live dates:1-8-15-22-29 June '22
Time: 10.00-12.00

What will you learn:

- History of the cacao

- Benefits and contra-indications

- Personal practice with cacao

- Cacao Dieta

- Cleanse

- Creating sacred space and altar

- Creating your own personal ceremony

- Recipes and ways how to prepare cacao

- Neuroscience techniques to open the heart and re-program the brain

- Here you create the foundations to continue to deepen your work with cacao

- You will receive PDF's, text and video's in an online learning platform, that will walk you through the course week by week.

Level 1 is mainly focused on your personal practice, which is the foundation to become a sacred space holder or ceremonial facilitator.


No new dates yet

What you will learn:

- How to hold sacred space

- How to create cacao ceremonies

- Utilizing your talents and skills as a facilitator

- Work with music and sacred sound

- Meditation and  breathwork

- Reconnect to nature

- Basics on medicine wheel

- Work with the elements and directions

- Deepening your shamanic practices

Level 2 is for those who really want to learn to become a ceremonial facilitator. Level 1 needs to be complete to join Level 2.



What you will learn:

- Fully reconnect to the spiritual ways

- Discover the ancient traditions and ceremonies

- Natural lifestyle

- In depth shamanic practices

- Full integration of level 1 & 2

To join Level 3, you need to complete level 1 & 2. Dates will be available in 2023